Friday, 1 October 2010

Flintstones turn 50!

When I heard that it was The Flintstones' 50th birthday I couldn't help but draw my own little tribute. The Hanna-Barbera style has been a huge influence on me over the years and their designs are still as strong as ever. Happy Birthday Fred! Yabba-Dabba- Dooooooo!!!!


  1. Very Cool!

    Happy Birthday Fred!

  2. Really nice Chris! You are a talent indeed!

    It's hard for me to think of this cartoon as being fifty as I too turned 50 this year and remember watching the show when I was knee-high.

    I am a HUGE Flintstones fan and think that the cartoon is very entertaining even by today's CGI stuff. The show was written for adults but appeals to kids of all ages.

    I have also been a collector of all things 'Flintstone' and have some original animations cells from the 1960s show along with records, lunch box, board games, books, etc.

    In 1991, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Hanna at an art gallery event in Seattle (USA) and it was a thrill to talk to the man who (with Joe Barbera) created so much animation. Their work really made a positive influence in my life.

    I'm not an artist but always wanted to be and enjoyed doing some drawing. So, I have a terrific appreciation for what you do!

    There's something about 2-dimensional character drawings and color that can really make a statement and also make a person grin.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop and note and say thanks for making the cool Fred drawing. It looks like it could move!

    Dave Herron
    Renton, WA (USA)


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