Thursday, 16 September 2010

Buisness card designs

OK guys and girls its not often I ask something of you, but today I do. I've recently discovered the joy that is  and their ability to print any number of images in one print run. I want to produce some new business cards for my trip overseas and I thought it would be cool to produce a series of cards rather than settle on one design.

There are 15 images here, but I think that's a bit excessive so I want to whittle in down to 10.

Here's where you come in. I would love to hear what designs you think work, what don't work so well and which you think I could leave out altogether. I realise this is a big ask in these busy times, but any thoughts you'd like to share will be welcome.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. ahh they're all so great and full of personality!I can see why it's difficult to whittle down to 10! I'm really diggin the last row to the corner left- totally cute and my fav!. The one next to it too, the pirate, the jump for joy kid, blue alien monsters, top left xmas monster, aandddd I give up- too hard to choose! but I hope these give you somewhat of a clue. I'd love to have one someday ;)!

  2. Wow - all of these are great.

    If I *had* to choose, I might get rid of:
    the guy on the barrel, the blue monster, the ham chef, the girl and the kid with glasses.

    And even the girl and the kid could be okay if the lighting was different.

    Great showcase for your work!


  3. I totally agree with Phil...the dude with the glasses and the girl are a little dark.

  4. Thanks Gabby and spot on Phil, great honest feedback :)

  5. Hey Chris! Agree with the others. guy on barrel, blue alien (simple compared to the others), kid coming out of the box (pose is similar to the kid upper right - which I like better)
    Think you need the girl though! She's the only female!! but yeah, lighting is different to the others.

    Awesome work! Kelly Lynagh
    The rest? Can't choose, very cool.

  6. Painful! These are all such great designs that it hurts to make ANY cuts. If it must be done then I agree with some of the comments so far.
    I would drop the following...
    1. Guy on a barrel - too sad for a promo piece

    2. Blue alien - least dynamic of these designs

    3. Kid coming out of box - I agree that the boy on the far right is a stronger design if I choose between the two similar poses.

    4. Self portrait (kid in glasses) - too dark

    5. Girl (LOVE the design but I agree that it's too dark).

    Just my two cents. Good luck with the final cut!

  7. ... all the designs have their own personality, so for me it comes down to colour contrast and, more importantly, silhouette:

    ... top line - 1, 2 and 5
    ... middle line - 1, 3, 4 and 5 (5 fits into that very particular realm of the odd collectible not-for-kids toys that are about nowadays)
    ... bottom line - 3, 4 and 5 (the inclusion of the green in 5 keeps bringing the eye back)

    ... but as I said before, it's a matter of going back to the basics: silhouette, silhouette, silhouette...

    ... (if I have confused matters, then my job here is done)...

  8. Hi think these are great wld like to be handin them out. Not so keen on guy on barrel - bit gloomy or the donut man thing. First row 3 and 5 are similar, I quite like the kid jumpin from the box and I also like the chef with ham. Good Luck

  9. Excellent feedback guys, I really appreciate the time and consideration you've given. Thanks

  10. Hey Chris!

    I agree with phil 100%... great fun stuff though, Im sure they'll come out lookin great!

    Good luck!

  11. also agree with others, not really original choice, but the ble monster, and mister pie with a tie are a little bit more simple than the other (such as my english...), but all the others are just so amazing, don' t hesitate to send me one when your choice will be done !
    keep inspiring us above the ocean
    Med from belgium

  12. Looking good, Chris. I should've checked the comments first, but here are my suggestions. And yes, I'd say lighten the girl and self portrait if you are to use them.
    my card picks

  13. My favourite designs are the guy with the creature, the magician, the kid coming out of the box and I also like the alien,the boy with glasses and the pirate but i think the colours need to be made bolder/lighter in these three.

    As for ones to leave out I'd probably opt for the guy on the barrell, the chef (great piece but maybe not for a business card), the pink donut and as it stands the alien and woman with guns (though I do think if she was made brighter it would be a great design. maybe even try a green background?).

    Hope some of that was helpful. Great designs :D it's really hard to chose!

  14. First of all, these are really cool. If I had to choose:

    Pirate, Yellow-shirt-boy, Man with a briefcase and Man with the fluffy white thing are all really good designs. I like the motion and the color of all of these. Second runners up would be the Green creature with the present, the Magician and the Drunk. They have good motion, and decent color, but not quite as good as the first set. The guy running on the bottom row and the Chick with Guns both have great motion, but there isn't enough contrast in the colors I think. They feel kind of swallowed by the backgrounds. The boy in the box, the robot, the guy on the barrel, the two headed monster and the donut don't seem to work well, for me.

    Still, a very cool collection of cards.

  15. First of all... MOO CARDS are the bomb! I will forever use them. Great prices, fantastic quality, amazing service and fast! Top notch.
    Secondly, choosing 10 out of the 15 is tough, they are all good. If I was to get rid of any, it would be - the kid out of the box, the drinking guy, the guy running at camera (already on your blog), the white creature and guy (small, loose details), and either the two headed blue guy or Christmas monster. Not that any of them are less awesome.

  16. THese are wicked fun characters!!

  17. Ahh chris they're all fab!!!

    if the comments arent too late...i think the 3rd and the 5th do the same job. also think you only need on tall skinny guy as again they do the same job really i think the 2nd is better than the 9th oh and the guy on the barrel again hes similar to these two and maybe its him who should go as hes sad.maybe lose one of the monstery ones?? i don't think the blue one is as strong.
    the two dark ones at the bottom you and the girl, both are really dark and although i like that they dont stand out enough.

    love keeping and eye on your blog Chris


    but they are all great and its a hard call.

  18. All I know is that I want one, 2 or all 10!
    Great work Chris. I will send you my preference in an email.

  19. they are all great designs! they convey FUN! but if you want to cut them down to 10 my favs would be (assume each design is lettered a,b,c from left to right)



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