Thursday, 1 April 2010

Union Jerk

I saw this guy today as he strutted his stuff across the pedestrian crossing, right in front of my car. Amusingly, he was visibly struggling to suck his sizable tum into his skinny fit Union Jack tee. Together with his badly coiffed Mohawk, this was one image I wanted to share.
Oh and Happy Easter!


  1. haha that expression is pretty funny! Happy easter to you too!

  2. LOL! I am glad you did share this! Awesome character! great job on the rendering that sucked-in gut!

  3. He's FANTASTIC! I love his expression, the focus on sucking in his gut lol.

  4. Haha... i love it when artist just-- draw what they see! Im totally gunna have to do more of that... lotsssssssssss of interesting / weird / unique people around here in Toronto!

    Love it. Happy easter to you too buddy!

  5. funny! you really captured that sucking in the gut pose!

  6. Dude, Its been such a long time, since I came in here..wicked! I love the newbie stuffs in here!
    and this union guy sure looks like a jerk!

    wicked! I love the new posts! keep em rollin!

    Warm wishes

  7. love this guy! great illustration.


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