Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Little Dance

Little Dance Invitations have just gone live with a brand spanking new website designed by Get Started in Melbourne.

I had the task of designing a mascot and animating him for the main title bar. The owners of LDI wanted the little guy to dance and skip across their logo and also have him perform some interactive little dances of his own. So if you want to play around, try clicking on him when he's in his rest positiion and he should perform one of 4 random moves. Groovy!

While your there take a look around this neat little site.


  1. Hey Chris, Great animation, love the sat nite feaver moves and the way the guy also interacts with swinging on the letter is perfect! May to go on the 'medsoc' piece too.... making THAT subject flow and entertain like you have shows great skill and patience!!! oh, and the muddy little guy in the rain is terrific, especially the water stained splash background! All credit to you sir!

  2. damm, look how I just spelt fever!!! While I'm back enjoy the Looney Tunes DVD, I should pick them up too...have you checked out the chuck redux blog...? Think you'll enjoy!

  3. This has YOU written all over it! :) You're doing great things with your skills.. keep it up man, and keep onnnnn postin!

    P.s, I had no idea you were from Australia! I have a great friend there who's convincing me to move there!! I just might! :D

  4. hehehe, great work my friend! I love when he swings through the letters! Nice anim!

  5. nice...I could watch that little dude do the robot all day! it just cracks me up.

  6. Brilliant work Chris! And thanks for the GS plug. I've referred you to another guy I met yesterday - he is wanting some illustration work done.


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