Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sam 5

My Son is a massive Ben 10 fan and with his 5th birthday coming up, I thought I'd make him a special party invite where he's the star of the show. I copied the pose from existing Ben 10 artwork (thanks google) but did my own take to make the face and hair resemble Sam.

My first sketch had him looking a bit too old, so for the final version I enlarged his head to more 5yo proportions. I really wanted this to look like Sam could exist in the Ben 10 universe. I'm pretty happy with the result.


  1. Nice job, its always fun when you can do custom drawings for family and friends - I'm sure your son loved it.

  2. my son likes ben ten as well.

    nice job here.

  3. Great birthday wishes!

  4. Awesome! You make a cool dad. :)


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