Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pixel Raiders Trailer

Check out this spiffy little book trailer for Bajo and Hex's PIXEL RAIDERS which I illustrated for Scholastic Australia. 

Lots of hard work went into this from all parties and the end result is something we're all very proud of. 

There will be  4 books in this series and Book 1 "DIG WORLD is available for pre-order now and released May 1st 2016. Wheeee!

Although the book is all black and white interiors, I got to colour up some key scenes for this trailer. I've included the black and white originals for a little comparison 

*Fun Fact: I managed to sneak my family into this Bus picture. Unfortunately my wife got cropped out of the final printed version. That's showbiz!

From PIXEL RAIDERS #1: Dig World by Bajo & Hex

Text copyright © Stephanie Bendixsen & Steven O’Donnell, 2016
Illustrations copyright © Chris Kennett, 2016

Published by Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, 2016


  1. When is pixel Raiders number 5 coming out my 7 year old and I read the fourth one last night and now we're left hanging we really want number 5!!

  2. Yes please!!! Bring out number 5 actually bring out huber 20 you have turned my daughter into an amazing reader!!!


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