Friday, 22 August 2014

Train poses

So I've been trying to make my journeys into Melbourne a little more productive recently. To do this I've been plugging in my weeny Bamboo tablet into my laptop and attempting to do some sketches in Photoshop. 

Space is at a premium on a moving train. Probably the equivalent of an aeroplane toilet during turbulence (and fractionally nicer smelling).

Anyway its probably good practice drawing under these circumstances, it certainly makes you focus on all the important lines and the odd wobble doesn't harm the sketchy process too much. 

Again I've been experimenting with some cool brushes from Kyle T Webster. I've included this close up image so you can get a better view of the ink pen and wash brushes he's created. I like em. I like em a lot.


  1. These are really fun. Working within limitations like you've done here produces great results and is something I'm embracing more with my own work lately.

  2. The positions of frustration in humans these expressions cartoonist


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