Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A little bit bunny blog: Kangaroo Rat

Earlier this month I was contacted by the brilliantly talented Matt Dawson asking me if I'd like to contribute a collective monthly blog called A Little Bit Bunny. Being such a fan of Matt's work I agreed immediately.

The thought of doing at least one personal drawing a month seemed like the sort of commitment I could commit to! :) Well I say that, but I barely scraped in this months drawing of a Kangaroo-rat and to be honest I threw the pie and sauce in at the last minute for a lack of anything better.

To be fair though the pie and sauce is an Aussie institution so it stands to reason that a kangaroo-rat would be partial to a nibble.

Hope you like it, and please visit the ALBB blog when you have a moment. There's some great work on there :)

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