Tuesday, 15 March 2011

March of the Sketchbooks! DAY 15

I took myself away from the computer for today's sketch and drew these rootin tootin elephants while watching, well, half watching TV tonight. While half baked, half wits, half baked their cakes on yet another seemingly endless supply of reality cooking competitions, I was happy to scribble on some paper.

More sketches from Sketchbook month here http://sketchbookmonth.wordpress.com/


  1. Those are fantastic!! So adorable and great character design.

  2. His drawings are awesome. Thank you for your toast with joy forever. Hug a Brazilian fan!

  3. Chris - these elephants are great!
    Have to say, I suspect that this little elephant would make another great character for a book - my kids just love funny noises & farting - especially when we read aloud with accents etc!

  4. Thanks guys. Jesijames you never know this could well be the next book ;)


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