Thursday, 10 March 2011

Buy Alpha Monsters online!!!!

So I've been getting a number of emails and messages about How? Where? When? If? Alpha Monsters would be available overseas. Well tonight a quick and, to be honest, exciting Google search brought up a wealth of online options. So if you want to buy one (or several, winky face) you'll have to dig around to find out their individual shipping costs (as most are Australian owned) and find out who does the best deal. Just follow the links below :)

Book Depository  This site offers FREE international shipping so may be the best option for those of you overseas. As the book is not yet released the actual price of the book isn't listed. Might be worth checking back though.

New Zealand
Fishpond NZ

Angus and Robertson
The Nile
Boomerang Books
Emporium Books
Abbey's Bookshop

If you live in Australia but want to pick up a copy from a proper old fashioned book shop contact to find out which store closest to you has it in stock :)

Hopefully as time goes on and if the book is successful, an overseas release might happen. If so sites like Amazon may join the party. Let's hope so ay?


  1. Woo hoo excellent news Chris I will def be getting one, good luck
    Leah x

  2. When in Amazon, Chris? looks fantastic!

  3. Love the drawing and uhhhhh looks like I'll have to wait till Amazon US gets some copies. Can't pass on picking up one of these bad boys.

  4. Thanks guys. As its technically an Australian release, Amazon won't stock it until it gets an international distribution. If/when that happens I'll be sure to let you know :)

    1. Any news on a UK release please mate? Want to get one before my kids grow up :)

    2. looks less and less likely as we go on, I'm afraid. It needs to be spotted by a UK distributor who's willing to roll it out on your shores. Otherwise it remains Aus only or via the online Aussie sellers.

      The cheapest now, I think is but there are shipping costs to factor in too.

      Failing that you could always contact Scholastic UK and pester them about this amazing book in Australia that's part of their publishing group, then beg them to distribute it in the UK. That might work ;)


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