Monday, 14 February 2011

I ❤ My Sweater

An extremely quick and rubbish sketch to combine Valentines Day and this weeks Illustration Friday topic of "sweater".

In fact it's so rubbish I might just do it again at a later date.

A few days later........

See I told you I'd do it again. I'm MUCH happier with this. Just goes to show what a difference a little time and effort makes. I was going to take the first one down. But I will leave it as a hideous reminder that I should never rush and always think before I blog.


  1. Love the re-work. Definitely worth the time & effort!

  2. I like them both! But yes, the rework is lovelier :)

  3. Fantastic! It's great to see the evolution of the concept. What stayed in the second one and what was changed.
    Both are tremendously adorable though :)

  4. I think both drawings are great but the re-work was definitely worth it!

  5. The second drawing is a lot stronger :) Nice work!


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