Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Interview For X Magazine

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Last month I was interviewed for a local publication here in Bendigo, called X Magazine. This is a free mag put out by a talented bunch of guys and gals from the area and sponsored by the Bendigo Bank.

This is the first time I've done anything like this so I was a bit nervous, truth be told. Anyhoo I think they did a really nice job putting it together. They did leave a T off my last name but that's no big deal, I'm in a Magazine for flips sake!! :)

So if you're in the Bendigo area, look out for the metal loving Twiggy in your local coffee shops over the next few weeks. They're FREE so support this home grown initiative and grab a copy while you grab a coffee.


  1. congrats man! it was a good read, and you deserve it!

  2. wow chris, great article! congratulations on your kid's book too-I'm definitely looking forward to it. I wouldn't worry too much about that missing 'T', it's nothing that google can't fix!


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