Thursday, 2 September 2010

CTN-X Sketchbook Promo

One of the perks of having a table at the CTN-X Animation Expo is that I get some space in the Expo's sketchbook brochure. Seeing as I'm sharing a table with Michael Amos, we also get to share a half page space in the book. That actually turned out to be a cool thing, giving us a nice long skinny format to work in.

In the end I went with a new illustration of Sunshine Umbrella Girl which I'm planning to sell as prints at the Expo. Along with a few other things too!

The picture above is courtesy of Michael who, very kindly, has been using his City connections to track down a great printer for us both. Thanks Michael, this country mouse really appreciates it :)


  1. Really like this piece Chris.
    Have fun at the Expo.

  2. I love this one, Chris! Great thinking on incorporating the sun into the actual umbrella. I also love the way that the city is visible through the sunshine in the background. Well done!

  3. great piece, chris! good luck, and have a great time.

  4. she's adorable! good luck at the show!

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  6. Hey Chris!

    No problems at all! Your work looks great printed and think the ad turned out really well.
    Looking forward to our "work" trip!
    Speak soon,

  7. Very cool, Chris! The design works well in the vertical layout...and as always great character design!

  8. I love this. Good luck at the show!


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