Monday, 24 May 2010

A is for AlphaMonsters!

OK does anybody know what happened to May? It was there just a second ago!

So anyway, it's the final week for me to turn in the artwork for my book. I'm not allowed to show any of it to you here (it's top secret, so don't even ask you nosey parkers). But I have been given the green light to share some scribbles, ideas and non revealing tasters of what's to come.

So I thought I'd start off by showing you the main title I designed for the front cover. Can you guess what its about (winky face)?


  1. So, based on the title, its about fish then?! Can't wait to see the book in print Chris! Congratulations!

  2. LOL Michaelamos!! Can't wait to see some more!!

  3. ooooh! very nice! love to see it when its out.

  4. Looks like it will be awesome, which is no surprise. Congrats!

  5. Oh man, show us more!

    Congratulations on the book. I really look forward to seeing whatever it is you're allowed to show us.

  6. Your work is just AWESOME!!!! Enjoying your blog!

  7. ooo how exciting!!! and erm you cant give us a taster and then say we can't ask :(
    whens it due out ill be ordering it on amazon.
    Congratulations !!!! always knew you'd do well.


  8. GREAT! If it's what I think it is you know how much I liked 'em first time round... cannot wait to see more sir!!!

  9. Thanks everyone.

    Michael- Ah but there is a fish in there. 3 in fact!

    Anna - The book won't be released in Australia until Feb 2011. Hopefully it will be available online too, but that's for the publisher to decide.

    Matt - Your memory serves you well ;)


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