Friday, 15 January 2010

Illustration Friday "Confined"

"Incy Wincy Spider"

The other day a saw a spider scuttle from a pile of clothes in the bedroom. Without any thought for my own personal safety I captured and confined the brute inside a glass. He was a cranky fella and I have no doubt that he would have killed me in a instant.

Well he suspect he would have killed me, if he had been longer than half an inch and venomous! Still, you can't be too careful can you?


  1. Braver than me...I would have been screaming and running in the other direction! Nice illustration by the way!

  2. HALF AN INCH…he was a monster!!!!
    Hope your heroics were appreciated.
    Top notch work as per, loving his angry eyes.

  3. hey, man, a spider is a spider. such measures were warranted.

    great illustration!

  4. Our worst spiders are about a half-inch and venomous. Awesome illustration!

  5. Funny, i did the same thing with a cricket recently-- except caught him inside a paperclip receptacle... i dig the "gotcha!" expression!

  6. excellent work!!
    Grettings from Argentina

  7. Hey,

    Great stuff on here. For some reason I had trouble finding your blog. Glad I got it sorted. Really nice work. keep it coming!

  8. You are a hero!
    Great illo (and great story).

  9. Chris, you killed your last hope - to become Spider Man! :)


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