Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Recently I was asked to contribute to Von Kreep's project Monstroville. Considering the talent attached to this project I was extemely flattered and accepted immediately!

Due to other commitments I wasn't able to help out as much as I'd hoped, but I was able to put together some Character builds and mouth/eye charts for some of the central characters. Miah Alcorn did an amazing job in the character design (below) which made them great fun to work on.

Here are 2 of the Full builds I did in Flash

I also created Mouth and Eye Charts which I arranged into some key expressions for the animators.

If you haven't visited the Monstroville blog before, head on over now and check out some great artwork by a talented and generous bunch.


  1. Wow these all came out fantastic. Love them all.

  2. im just on the way over to have a look. they look wicked chris!
    hope you had a wicked time back over here xx

  3. Good stuff man, Your sight has a lot of great pictures. really nice style.
    I have to say though, I clicked on a link to here because your one letter away from my name. Nice to know the quality is as good as the name sounds, lol.

  4. Brilliant design work... I especially love the brain jar Baron, perfect! Congratulations on the Monstroville gig, richly deserved!

  5. Hello!

    Your work is beautiful! Congratulations!!! Monstroville project is terrific!!!

  6. Great Job Chris!
    That looks like a blast of a project to work on!

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  8. So these are your genius builds, ey? Lovely work, we've great fun working with them and your help is oooh so appreciated :)
    I'll stay posed on your work and hope we get to work with you again in the future.
    Thanks so much.

  9. Man, your work has always been super solid and the stuff that you did for Monstroville was no exception to the rule. The builds look great, and the expressions really came out nice.... I really like some of the stuff you did with Baron (the elasticity in the glasses is exactly what I originally invisioned). All in all awesome stuff man!

    Thanks for all the help dude! Be blessed!


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