Thursday, 30 April 2009

10,000 HITS!

My blog has topped 10,000 hits! Admittedly 9,000 of those were probably me, checking to see how many hits I’ve had, but hey they all count right?! So anyway I did this picture of what 10,000 hits might actually look like. I suppose in reality he would be a pulverised mess of bloody flesh and bone, but that wasn’t much fun to look at.

So to all those guys and gals who’ve followed and dropped in over the past 15 months, I thank you.


  1. Great illustration, and congrats, make this 10,001

  2. Congratulations!! Great 10.000 hits!

  3. Congratulations , you and your art deserve 10.000 hits!

  4. well, connnngggratulations, mr. kennett! :)) duly deserved, i'd say. ")

    but i just gotta say it. HIERARCHY?

    HIERARCHY? really?

    oh my...i gotta get my wonky brain around that one. ty for a great challenge! really! X-S

  5. wonderful stuff mate!
    thanks for the visit

  6. haha nice fun image to show the ka-pows! well done!

  7. Congrats! Your work is worth all the clicks ;)!


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