Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Slacker Cats

© ABC Family

The Good News:
The episode of Slacker Cats, the very funny show I animated on with Animax for ABC Family, will finally be seen after almost a year in limbo. The show was cancelled after only 6 episodes, but is due to resurface online this month with the unaired episodes.

The Bad News (for me):
Due to online regional restrictions the shows can only be watched by US residents (Boo!). So if you're living Stateside you may want to consider checking out the schedule. The first series was great and with enough support the show may get picked up again. My episode is titled "Work, Work, Work".

Here is a launch calendar.
ABCF Slacker Cats 1006 Dolenz 01/19/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1008 Sex and the Kitties 01/19/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1009 Buckley on the Run 01/20/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1010 Garage-a-Trois 01/21/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1011 Work, Work, Work 01/22/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1012 Buckley Versus the Future 01/23/09

The first 6 episodes can be viewed here or more naughtily here on YouTube.


  1. THese characters are so much fun!!

  2. Great News Big Fan by the way. Mailed you couple of times but I think not getting through could you get back to me thanks.

  3. Awesome news-- congrats! Love your 'contained' post also.

  4. Good news for the US folks! Looking forward to it Chris.

  5. Fantastic works......greetings from Brazil.

  6. really nice job here !!

    when i always come back it's look great here

  7. Thanks Chris for the nice comments on my Blog!
    I really enjoyed watching your work, you've got some amazing illustrations here!


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