Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Albi The Racist Dragon

I've really been enjoying The Flight of the Conchords recently and their song "Albi the Racist Dragon" has been a highlight for me. One day I'd like to make a little animation about it, but to tide me over I'll have to be content with this quick sketch.

If you're not familiar with Albi you can hear all about him here.


  1. I bigfatLOVE the Conchords - the radio show was awesome and the tv show is up there too. Thanks for calling by, Chris, lovely to hear from you mate - lovely work as well sir!

  2. cool illustration mate! Everyone is raving about flight of the concords but I haven't seen it. I should maybe check it out!

  3. Ta for the youtube link, I enjoyed the F of T C that I'd seen before and that song is great! I can well see why you wanted to work it up into an illustration. And a lovely illustration too, I especially like your treatment on Albi's mouth.

  4. really nice stuff you got on here...me likey..and thanks for the kind words on my blog....


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