Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mimi Mee

Recently I've been designing and animating some winks for Kiwee. These winks are brief animations designed to be played full screen and appear when prompted during AIM chats via the Kiwee toolbar.

This is Mimi Mee, an attention grabbing, Spoilt Brat. She is based loosely on Verruca Salt from the original Willy Wonka Movie (hence the delightful red outfit). You can watch all of her outbursts below. Better still mosey on over to Kiwee and plonk her into one of your AIM chats and bug your friends.

Or click the thumbnails below to watch individually

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  1. I love this little character. Shes annoying, but gosh darn it, i love her. I love the way her head moves, the animation is great. I love how her smile is "revealed" also...really well done! I wanna see more more more! :P

  2. Wow - great character and great animation. Really funny, too - nice work!


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