Tuesday 1 March 2011

March of the Sketchbooks! DAY 1

This month Cedric Hohnstadt has declared it to be Sketchbook Month, whereby all participants produce a sketch every day for the month of March. As he explains "Rarely am I able to draw something I *choose* to draw for practice, to push myself, or just give myself a creative breather". I can relate to that.

So despite being a little busy at the moment, I'm going to sacrifice a half hour every day from my lunch break to whip up a scribble. I don't have a working scanner at the moment, so to save time I'm going to stray from the brief a little and do them digitally. Hey a sketch is a sketch right?

So here's the first one. For inspiration I like to google the word "pose" in images and see what catches my eye (kids you might want to turn that safe filter ON for this, if you know what I mean?). 

FYI here's the link where I found my muscular muse (last image) http://www.learn-bodybuilding.com/posing_basics.aspx


  1. Terrific! Glad you are on board.

  2. He's expression is so funny, Was he doing this expression in the picture?
    This idea is awesome! The best thing to improve your skills it's doing it a lot!

  3. Awesome, Chris! Can't wait to follow you sketches this month!


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